MLM Training: Good Health is Great Business

3 Oct
Best Kept Team Building Secret: Good Health is Great Business

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               In researching the Top 5 New Years Resolutions, two of the areas that people want to improve on is in the area of their finances and health. Many entrepreneurs take time before the New year to measure their success? Some consider the amount of money earned, number of recruits, new skills mastered etc but what about the increase of health? In corporate America many human resource departments are starting to implement required exercise/health programs to reduce insurance cost by promoting good health. They understand the benefits and the impact of good health on the performance of their colleagues but who is the advocate for independent business owners?

I want to encourage you, if your a serious entrepreneur, to add a health program to get your team building initiatives. This is a vital part of getting new recruits starting the New Year Right. WHY? Because Good Health is Great Business.What does it profit a man to have fortune and not live to enjoy it?  Are your team mates tired all the time,  missing meals and have poor attitudes. Well you may want to encourage your team mates to follow an exercise and nutrition regime in order to stay at the top of their game. As leaders not only should we feel obligated to provide the marketing, training and systems to ensure our teams are successful but also that they have the tools to be healthy as well. I would be more than happy to customize a program for your group. Lets chat the options are limitless!

Here are 5 benefits of  proper exercise and nutrition for your team members:

1. Less likely to get sick
2. To have more energy
3. Self confidence and strong business posture
4. Better attitude and outlook on life
5. Can think clearly and responds well to team building activities

You may be thinking, I don’t need to lose weight. Weight is not the only factor of good health. You can weigh 130lbs and still be at risk for high blood pressure/diabetes. I encourage to Get Your New Year Started Right by adding a new component to your team building plan in 2011 .

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MLM Training: How To get your New Reps Started Right

3 Oct
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Happy New Year!
Are you ready to get to work? To grow your business like never before? Well in order to be successful in growing your business in 2011 you need to be sure you have a duplicable system in place to plug your new recruits into. To get Your New Year Started Right you must engage with your existing team members to ensure they have a plan for the new year.

Below are a few tips to getting your new recruits started and to re-engage existing team members.

1. Schedule a Getting Started Right Interview. Take this time to find out their why and expectations from you and the business. Make sure that all existing team members have a plan (Your business should have a template for you to follow)
2. Layout a specific  90day action plan as to what they need to do next to make money in your company. Be sure you set monthly, weekly, daily benchmarks for which you will revisit every 90days. New recruits like to see that they can do this. So walk them through the process until they feel confident to go alone.
3. Plug them into all the company training and team calls. Its important that they feel connected and apart of the bigger vision
4. Identify a primary and secondary Marketing Strategy once they have exhausted their warm market.

In addition to the tips just mention, be sure to schedule a Vision Party each year for your new recruits and existing team members. This is an excellent way for new recruits, existing team members and prospects to  mingle in a friendly open atmosphere.

Take a moment to watch this video as I share How a Vision Party is an excellent tool to Get Your New Year Started Right! If you can not see this video click here

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PS. For more tips watch the complete video Series: Solutions for Your New Year.

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